Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Summative assessment-Bloom's Taxonomy

Summative assessments helped us to gain an insight of students' understanding.Considering multiple bits of intelligence the summative assessment task based on Bloom's Taxonomy.This task was very interesting for the students as it catered to their own learning styles and need.

Based on individual skills and intelligence the learners designed a newspaper to create awareness on -Banning the polyethylene bags.The newspaper included-Editorial, various articles, kids corner ,puzzles make it interesting for the readers.

Unit Media connected with Language

We are living in an era of high advertising, we are being bombed by ads everywhere we go. Ads tell us how to run our lives. They tell us how to dress,eat,drink,how to feel depressed, how to feel more socially acceptable, and of course they tell us what are the 'best' products to consume. Advertisements are delivered via radio, magazines, billboards, newspapers ,television,internet , school, bookstores and many other sources.

Advertisements are strategies or plans to sell things or ideas to the people.

Children enjoyed this audio and visual class and understood various  traps or strategies use to attract people.

French-Connection makes learning fun

Connection makes learning fun

In “French” learners were given the opportunity to see various brochures, guides, route map of a city, post card, etc.  Learners showing curiosity, they connected this to their theme “How we express ourselves” reflecting print media. Moving on, this helped them to acquaint the vocabulary and prepare beautiful brochures and travel guide in French talking about various countries or cities. Moreover, learners are trying to read small paragraphs which was showcased in their writing process of their families. This helped them to develop their self-management skills.
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Visit to printing press

Excursion are very important tool to enrich knowledge .After understanding the powerful role of media learners further wished to know about the working of media.So we visited 'Dainik Bhaskar'printing press and learners were amazed to see the working of the printing press.


To enhance understanding persuasive techniques learners watched videos related and presented their own advertisement in the group.Enhancing the understanding the students were further able to categorize information based on this technique.

Learners further presented their adverts in groups

This was an enjoyable learning engagement.

Exploring media-Tchart

Learners explored various forms of media,its purpose and researched similarities and differences between them.The also explored electronic media and made a T-chart based on its advantages and disadvantages.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How we express ourselves

                                                                  History of media

To explore deeply about media,learners researched the history of media by watching videos and sharing their understanding in the class.It was interserting for them to know about the history of media.